Thursday, March 5, 2009


I’m a Libra. All right, I’m a triple Libra. Balance loams large in my value scale. Back to the Blues. I was wanting some Jamula, and this is what I came up with. Blues again. I think anyone listening will admit that this is some pretty tasteful %$#&ing Blues.

Pure, power trio Jamula. I told you Jerry knew his room. You can hear Tom suck his air in. Jerry truly kicks ass on guitar and Scot, now a true side-man has stepped back--and up to the plate of making sure that no one forgets to feel the beat.

The artwork for today is a favorite of mine, called, “Life’s Delicate Balance.” It is a hand-colored (remember I mentioned the airbrush) dry-point engraving. Dry-point means drawn with a needle, in this case into plexi-glass, in Rembrant’s case--copper, and then printed on an etching press. In this image, we see the essence of what life on this planet is all about: balance, precariousness, work, home, spirituality.

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