Sunday, March 22, 2009

Feet Do the Talkin'

Here’s another of Scot’s solo demo’s made in the mid-1980’s-- “Dancin’ Shoes Laced.” Once again, Scot is playing all the instruments on this original track, proving for those with a slower learning curve that, in fact—undeniably so--Scot could rock his ass off. Talk about someone with the funky thing?

The art speaks for itself. Here are quite a few of Scot’s symbols: the bird in the tree, the treble clef, funny four-leggeds, magical wands, boxes full of surprises, flying figures and pompadours.

Thanks to Carlyn Lindsey and Snakedoctor for giving me the opportunity to let my feet do the talkin' last night.


Bobby said...

My first visit to the site. Thanks for sharing. I love the colors, thought provoking images, and the music.

Robin Halpin Young said...

Thanks for visiting.