Saturday, March 28, 2009

On the Road

I'm on the road, sorry no story yesterday, no story or music today. Will revisit.

I rented a brand new car to zoom over to Iowa for the weekend. Around town I drive my own cars, the newest of which is a 1996. I was on my way to Muscatine, Iowa to work with my friend and new business partner, Steve Teraberry—Scot’s friend from kindergarten, on our major international launch of Scot’s artwork at the Surtex licensing show in NYC this coming May! Long story short, we got some good stuff, which I will soon share.

Music: “In a Brand New Car,” solo demo of a Scot Halpin original, written shortly after we met. I have some time frame on the recording because I recognize Mark Houseal’s Fender Rhodes keyboard; must have been made in 1981. To me, this song is a nice hybrid of new wave and country.


zadat said...

Hi Robin.. it's Tadas. Hope you are doing well. For some reason Scot's passing totally missed me and I was in shock a few days ago.So sorry...I hadn't been out much since we have 2 kids. I remember last seeing him on Kirkwood jamming in 2006 and asked if I wanted to get together and jam sometime. What a great guy.. so kind and creative.
Anyway, I dug up a few videos of us playing in Snake Doc and a really good quality sounding jam session at a party we played. Jerry Farsworth was playing guitar and Dan Witherd was playing trombone. I am trying to get some of it on youtube. I have a few hours to go through. I can give you copies if you like. You can gmail me @ tpaegle. Take care! Peace.

Robin Halpin Young said...

Great!. So good to hear from you.

fingertrap said...

I remember when my parents took us on our one and only cross country road trip out to California and back, i must have been about ten or eleven years old. We visited you and Scott in some crazy apartment in San Francisco i believe. It was outside that building that i first gave money to a homeless person. A strange and somehow profound memory. The two of you always seemed more like an aunt and uncle to me rather than friends of my folks. I think of you often and hope that weird weather finds you well.
love n

Robin Halpin Young said...

So very, very glad to hear from you. Yes, it was a crazy apartment. I remember when my nephew John came to stay with us, and I warned him it would be a little bit like camping. When he went home, he told his mother, "It really was like camping!"