Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cross Town Traffic

More tense-bending. Today is actually Tuesday, but I’m writing about Wednesday. I guess that would make now, last Wednesday.

Had to take my dear sister to the airport today. We hopped in my low-ridin’ 1996 Buick Park Avenue. Now there is a comfortable car. Low story short: I was thinking about the nature of cross-town traffic, when I heard this song. I guess we call that projection.

This piece is another, more rockin’ improvisational electronic jam. (When I say another, you would have to jump to a future now--aka Music That Breathes--to know what I mean.) Scot would lay down a rhythm track and just jump right in. Somehow, he is playing string bass on this track, not keyboard bass. Not sure how it was recorded. He tries to come in with some thing else a couple times, but doesn’t make it—like a kid trying to get into a jump rope and not finding an opening. Once the music gets going I think you’ll see where I got the driving/traffic sensations that captured my thinking so well.

As for the artwork, I was thinking about the cross-town traffic thing that could be going on under the water. This is another hand-colored etching. The plate was created in the mid 1990’s. This is a digital morph of the original intaglio piece. It’s called “Love Soup.”

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