Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Music That Breathes

Today’s music track is an electronic meditational piece. Scot was a long time student of meditation. It was hard for him. He had such a busy mind. He used to call it “having chipmunks.” As my friend Karen put it, you could walk down ten feet of aisle at the hobby store and he’d have fifteen different ideas. He did want to be able to slow that all down though, and one of the ways he tried to do that was through music.

He would often head to his keyboard and do improvisational jams with the electronics. He was very good at this. This is another long piece. What I like is how it is so minimal—so totally striped down, but occasionally he throws in a glib little curve ball, for interest—some little phenomenon within the breathing.

Artwork, this and a lot of other recent pieces are all DWM (drawn with mouse). I loved the ethereal floating, dream-like quality of this image. Gots lots to catch up on. If you are a regular visitor, I urge you to go back a ways, I’ve been filling some missing parts. Check out especially now: Cast Party, Needed This, and He’s In the Jail House Now.

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