Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another Wedding Anniversary

Today is my mother and father’s wedding anniversary. I remember we celebrated their 50th back when James was six months old. I wanted to pick a love song to celebrate this special day. Today’s track may not sound like a love song to some of you. It is a horrible old cut up mess of a thing, but I love it, and I think it’s perfect for the day and perfect for the people. “Hey girl, can I know you name?” reminds me of the stories of my mother and father meeting and falling in love. “Hey Girl,” is a “Sponges” tune that Joe Belche wrote back in 1978, when he met his beautiful wife, Stephanie. As with all “Sponges” songs Scot did most the arranging. Scot is playing bass on this track, Joey is on guitar, and Leland Monagle is the man on the drums. I guess we really were a punk band.

Today’s artwork is another wonderful pen & ink drawing on Bristol Board, colored with transparent acrylic wash. I love the sentiment of these two, reaching for one another, being part of the same story.

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