Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Limestone Shark's Tooth

Wanted something techno. Wanted something beyond my ‘to do list.’ Scot was a very etherial man. A lot of his energy had to do with the breath. I’m getting now that he was a man of the ether. Scot had one of those twisted astrological signs—Aquarius—the water bearer, which happens to be an air sign? Forget this confusion. To got to the ether chakra, tuck your neck. Drop your head. Create space between your neck and sternum. Allow the deep cavities of your body to open.

Today’s musical track is a full on true--jam your socks off boogey. Get ready to hear Scot do some Paraná Yama. I am conversant with these terms today because, thank you, Universe, I got hooked up today (after two years of not practicing during Scot’s last months and the year and a half that followed), with a real (for me) yoga master. After Scot died, it was next to impossible for me to quiet my mind. Every time I tried to quiet my mind—I got too sad. The quietness provided too much room for sadness. It’s not that I was afraid of sadness. I understand now that what I was really afraid of, was trying to fill up the empty space.

I personally started practicing yoga, I figured out today, some 25 years ago. In the mid-80’s, I remember heading up to the Integral Institute of Yoga (also housed in a fab SF Vic) on Dolores Street. The classes were held in the attic. The first time I went there, I can remember feeling like a visitor to another planet. All I had to go on were stories a friend of mine told me when she went there in 1974, at age 19, and thought yoga was so funny, she couldn’t do it. I can remember her writing to me about the experience, clearly unsure how anyone could take the whole thing seriously. Despite this, I was drawn there.

Today’s musical track is a recording of an original solo electronic piece, Scot put together in 2001.Today, just about anybody with a triple digit IQ can make some pretty kick ass music using ‘Garage Band’ etal. This music was actually made before all of that was really up and running the way it is now. I hope you will enjoy all the textures of this piece, including the Paraná Yamic breathing.

Today’s artwork is another piece from a series of drawings where Scot places things that were important to him on top of the obelisk. I remember watching a program Scot checked out from our local library where modern master craftsman tried to duplicate the work of their ancient predecessors ( a la Egypt—Stonehenge). These dudes could not raise an obelisk to save their lives. The whole thing left me wondering—who did it and how?

Today’s blog title comes from a find I made today. Waiting for a friend to take a walk, I noticed a piece of limestone (not a surprise considering that Bloomington and the immediate environs produced most of the limestone that was used to build the Empire State Building and most of Washington DC). The thing that was weird about this piece was that it was exactly like a shark’s tooth, down to the flesh-tearing edge, but it was not a fossil. Fossils we do have here in southern Indiana. Who needs digital photography when we have fossils?

Today’s artwork is a further study of clarity of the job Scot took on as an artist—helping all us regular folks visually boil down the stew around us. Scot’s artwork was about offering up a handle. Pointing a direction. Honoring relationships with a stoke.

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