Friday, August 14, 2009

A Good Thing

Thinking about things that have been lost. How some things you just can’t give up on finding. Put your ear right here, hearts are like brains. I’m not lying. The most sciencey of science is only just now finding out how very much like the brain the heart actually is, and that in fact, the heart is often a better judge than the brain. However, at times standing on the side of love is reduced to being a compassionate witness. We all have things we’ve lost. We all have things we regret. But we can all make amends, just like we can all seek redemption.

Here’s some music to go along with that message. “Carlyn Lindsey and Snake Doctor” set up their soup line and dish it out, warm and hot. Time and time again I tell you about these wonderful musicians, Carlyn—sweet as a honeysuckle rose, Scot backing up her fragrance with his own flower of a bass line, Tim Haas—do-woppin’ it up on drums, grinding in the groove yard is Dave Witherd on sax and thrilling us all on the old rinky-tinks, is Larry Vessily on keyboards. This track was a benefit performance recorded live at the Encore Café on April 3, 2004.

Today’s artwork is Scot’s ‘Musician King’. For me this symbol will always represent ‘the high king’—like Arthur. A simple man, deeply rooted, who turns into a noble king. This is a graphite drawing done on rag mat board. As you’ve surely begun to notice by now, you loyal blog followers; Scot enjoyed making artwork about music.

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