Sunday, August 30, 2009

Scratch Pulse Revisited

Today’s musical track is a full-length piece. I started this track out, noting a couple places where I might be able to cut the piece—keeping in mind that we’re all busy people I don’t like to go over-long on the musical entry. As I listened to this piece and listened to it grow, I became interested to hear the whole thing out. To follow along the full length of its landscape. This piece is a mini-movie soundtrack. It’s got all the parts in 16:59.

I was listening to this tune through the KA Koss headphones I bought myself for this project, and let me tell you…this piece is a brain-tuner. Scot is fully moving sound around through the use of stereo, and the effect for me personally was nothing short of brain tuning! There are so many layers dished out here. If you have the time, I really recommend that you find some stereo headphones. Turn off the lights. Lay down comfortably. Close your eyes and go where this music goes for 16:59.

Today’s artwork is an ‘Art by the Ream’ drawing. Scot and I aspired toward the meditative life. One of Scot’s absolute bibles, if he were to have such a thing, would have to be, “The Three Minute Meditator—30 Simple Ways to Unwind Your Mind Anywhere Anytime!” by David Harp. This drawing is a fun nod to our more and less successful efforts at meditation.

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