Monday, August 24, 2009

Bleep the Bleeps

Away we go. Sometimes life demands a quick march pace. I was looking for something both cheerful and upbeat. The title of today’s track is “Folk Punk Instro X.” I believe this is the third in a series of tunes Scot laid down, all with this same swooping melay of source—same cheap drum machine, same gorgeous ring of the “Kay” guitar he was playing. I have mentioned this before, but it’s worth repeating, Scot would often sit down and reach for a guitar. A lot of the times he’d just noddle about, but occasionally, he’d really get into it, and go into this very orchestrated style of playing that really meshed rhythm with melody. Today’s track is repetitive, but it’s subtle under laying development is a gas.

The title for today’s blog, ‘Bleep the Bleeps’, is a reference to the trouble I was having last night, getting my track from here to there. Everything was a go until I ran the test track. Well, about every thirty seconds or so, there was this 3 or 4 second bleep. Not wanting to start from scratch, I checked my Garage Band track, and sure enough—chock-full of bleeps. I did consider running the track with the bleeps, hence the title, but got so disturbed by all the good stuff we were missing and how annoying the bleeps were, that I decided to go back to square one. I got myself into one of those horrible loops when the only thing I could get my computer to upload was a sequence that didn’t work. It had its own name, a name I did not create!

I love the word bleep though, because it reminds me of one of my favorite movies, “What the Bleep Do We Know?” I am completely fascinated by the relationship between the observer and the observed. Today’s artwork is another angel drawing. I love this little angel. He’s got two levels of dimensionalism going on. His face and hands and heart are all so round, and his yellow hat and gown are so two-dimensional. I love of Scot’s dashed off graphic style, but I also love it when he dips his brush into a more classical pot.

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