Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Moonshine in a Glass Jar

That’s a little what my relationship to Scot feels like these days. Today’s musical track is a tuneful picnic basket of a song. “Whiskey Still” was written and recorded in 1980, in our beautiful (c. 1893) San Francisco Victorian apartment at McAllister and Divisidero—a micro neighborhood known as “The Do.” Scot was still bouncing tracks off two reel-to-reel tape recorders to make this recording. The song is basically about transporting contraband—which comes in multiple forms these days.

Once again, Scot is playing all the instruments on this recording. I gather this was material that was destined for Scot’s great good friend, David Kinney (per a note on the cassette), which would make perfect sense content-wise. This was around the time of “The Double Cross Band” and the early days of our club ‘The Roosevelt.” I think this song has some stand up lyrics. I especially like the part about the Coupe de Ville.

Today’s artwork is a dreamy drawing. We have here a solitary queen who raises her glass to the moon. This original pen & ink drawing is a another example of Scot’s masterful use of wash shading, but this time monochromatically (one color) in aquamarine, instead of gray. The drawing was done in 1998. People familiar with it will remember the banner Scot did for the Plaza Art Fair in 1998, the birth of this artist moon image in Scot’s logo-therapy lexicon.

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