Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jam Belle

Sliddin’ into base. Today’s music is another “Jamula” track. We haven’t heard from “Jamula” for quite some time. “Jamula” –once again—was Tom Smith on mouth organ, Jerry Farnsworth on guitar, and our own Scot Halpin, on bass. This band was easy to listen too. They could go to this hypnotic groove spot and take you right along with them. Scot loved the improvisational nature of the project and the easy lyrical place left in the ensemble for a fat, jazzy bass line. This recording was made on August 31, 2004.

Today’s artwork is a crumby scan of a little painting that I’ve always loved. This piece was done in 1997. Scot was doing a series of graphite faces, mixed in with almost abstract bodies and backgrounds. For some reason, Scot blocked out a smaller image field. This is how it looks to me this drawing progressed. First he laid down the light pink. Next he cut out the figure with the opaque purple acrylic. He then laid the graphite figure down on top of that pigment. After the figure was in place, Scot spattered the painting with white and metallic gold highlights. I love her wide-open vulnerability.

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