Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Milk of Human Kindness

Sign me up. One of Scot and my favorite scenes in any movie is the moment in “Scrooge,” when Albert Finney climbs up and sits on the mantle piece, next the huge pile of the (most magnificent ever) “Ghost of Christmas Present’s” booty. From his first sip, Ebenezer knows a good thing and wants more. Scot and I both loved the look of pure sweetness that crosses Scrooge’s face; the moment ‘the milk’ touches his lips.

Today’s artwork is a Basement Collaboration tape recorded on September 13, 2006, featuring Bobby Burns on lead vocals and guitar and Larry Vessily squeezing it out on accordion. They are doing, “Six Pack to Go,” a song credited to both George Straight and Hank Thompson. As per usual with the BC line-up, Jerry Farnsworth is playing guitar, Scot Halpin is playing bass and Kenny Wright is on drums.

Today’s artwork is a fun little piece done in 1994. James was born in 1992, and we were pretty much still riding the ‘baby-train’ when this drawing was done. The ink in this original piece is India ink. Scot loved how he could introduce water, and pull his lines. We also see more wet-on-wet washes in transparent acrylic

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