Monday, August 17, 2009

Click Here for Blues Jam

A friend just sent me the link to this footage of Scot playing with some of his buds out at a party in the country. Burrrrr. This jam took place in the early winter of 2004. Scot was still adapting to the physical limitations brought on by the presence of a tumor in his brain. For instance, A.D. (after diagnosis), he always played sitting down. Here we see him sitting a little away from the band because it bothered him if he sat too close to the cymbals. On this track, Scot is playing with (from right to left), his great good friend, Jerry Farnsworth, our man of local Jerry fame. Next to him is Tadas Paegle, cruisin’ it, as per, on guitar. Next to him is Dan Witherd of the slippery slide. Scot loved playing with these guys. I love how on this tape, about half way through, Tadas notices that Dan has started to blow the royal flush. He grins, switches gear, and slides it on in. Sorry don’t know either drummer or sax guy. One again, I do alert you to tune into Scotty’s funky heartbeat groove.

Today’s artwork is a piece that Scot might have intended to revisit—maybe not. This guy’s arms remind me of the six weeks Scot spent 24/7 in an orthopedic brace, right after his first bad seizure. I love how this lady offers him shelter, bare and naked before him. It is an original drawing done with graphite on Bristol board and hints of transparent acrylic wash.

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