Monday, August 31, 2009

Voice Print

As I go through these tapes, my ears time wharp me back to moments from the past. Today I was cruising through a Basement Collaboration session featuring just the bones of the ‘BC’: Jerry Farnsworth on guitar, Scot Halpin on bass and Kenny Wright on drums. My heart pricked when I heard Kenny’s voice pops into the mix. Kenny, dear lad, we miss you too. Kenny died a few short months after Scot passed, mostly out of the blue. Kenny was one of the finest, funniest men I have every met. I love how we go down to Kenny’s sweet little whistle. The track is “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding.

I remember when Kenny showed up at a gig with punk platinum hair. He admitted that he wanted to have fun. He wanted to feel younger. He thought that it looked good on stage. He did say that it wasn’t going over very well at the job interviews he was doing at the time. Kenny was a dear man and he is sorely missed by so many. Sadly, dear memorial blog mates, I have another sad loss to report. Our own dear Carlyn Lindsey’s mom just passed away this weekend. Carlyn was with her when she went. I’m sure Carlyn would appreciate gentle thoughts for her mom’s passing from anyone who’d care to send them.

Today’s artwork is an old favorite drawing of mine. The Man With Blue Eyes. The drawing was done in 1996 and is a pen & ink drawing, with TA coloring.

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