Friday, August 28, 2009

Signed, Sealed & Delivered

Today’s musical track is a live track, recorded at a local pizzaria called ‘Bear’s Place’. The management had the good sense to bring in comedy and lots of forms of real music; which meant jazz and everything cool since ‘Rose Anne’ was just starting out the on college circuit. Their Friday night ‘roots’ gig was a plum. The show started at 6 and was over by 9—we could be home by 10. Today’s track is “Carlyn Lindsey & Snake Doctor” smoking just such a gig.

On this track, Carlyn is driving the crowd into a bona fide frenzy, with the screamin’ help of Tadas Paegle on lead guitar. She is oh so admirably backed by her regular crew: Scot Halpin on bass, Larry Vessily on keyboards, Dave Witherd on sax and Tim Haas on drums. The song is “Wang Dang Doddle” by Willie Dixon. The date is March 11, 2005.

Regarding the artwork, notice the deep red of the heart on the pedestal. This was some of that deep red heart mixture that Scot made up year after year. I still have the little bottle he mixed it in. The deep red heart was one of his major symbols. What I see in this image is a horizontal Scot, tossing up a cube (his symbol for the material world), to be caught by an angel/fairy who maybe seems ready to pass it on to another angel/fairy. Love sits firmly atop the pedestal.

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