Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Whole Enchilada

I actually found this song, “Bring It On Home,” by Sonny Boy Williamson II, yesterday, but wanted something a little faster, for variety’s sake. Today’s track once again features the chocolate velvet vocals of Irene, in an early “pre-Blue Jazz” that also features Nelson B. on soprano sax. I played this tune earlier in the blog, what ended up to be a nibblet of a live recording of this song, that Scot created for the demo package he was visualizing for “Blue Jazz.” This song was in Scot’s repertoire since the early 1980’s. I love how Irene is not one little bit afraid to give it over—she takes lots of chances and because of the authentic warmth her voice, she can really transform the sonic space of a song.

The artwork for today is a nice little pen and ink drawing done in 1999. Very good editorial for the song. I love the use of gray wash to create dimension. Scot was a master at this. The shadow underneath the ‘house-lady’ is so alive! Upon blowing up the image, which I’ll restate you can do by clicking on the image, you can really see the line work, and at this size I see I must add that there are hints of graphite here and there on the drawing

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