Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pilgrim or Dreamer?

Well, for the last couple of days, I have had to come home late and sit the seat of my pants to the seat of the chair--my daily blog entry having yet to made. Same tonight. That’s all right. We’ll get there.

We're circling back around to the old Plank Road. For those joining in, that means Scot is playing bass, singing harmony, and stomping out the percussion. John William is playing acoustic guitar and singing lead vocals. For today, I've choosen a lovely version of John Prine’s immortal, “Angel from Montgomery.” Scot was a big fan of John Prine’s. He identified with him early. John Prine has had an amazing “career-at-the-edges”--an identification that intrigued Scot.

I think Scot always felt he had career-at-the-edges too--grateful for the successes he had, but always kind of thinking that maybe something bigger might happen. I personally think it was Scot’s karma, this time around, to be a great man, in a simple man’s life.

The artwork for today is a hand-colored dry-point engraving. This was a very popular image. We could print these things up on our little $100 Dick Blick press. “Just like printing $50 bills,” we’d say, as that was how much we could sell them for at art fairs (once they were painted and matted). Scot would fire-up his airbrush and we'd go to town.

Originally we called this piece, “Pilgrim.” It did not sell well with that name. We knew it was a great image, so we tried another name. We changed the name to “Dreamer” and it immediately became a top seller. Dreamer – Pilgrim--interesting?

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