Monday, February 16, 2009

Gold Mine

My guess is everyone is ready to hear a little more from Carlyn Lindsey & Snakedoctor. Good news, I just found one CD that has at least nine kick-ass blog musical entries on it!

The one I’ve picked for today is a Carlyn Lindsey original. I’ve given Tim co-writing credit on the id tag, but I’m guessing this one came straight out of Carlyn--intact. Starting with the title, “Dog, Don’t Bark at Me,”--we get to know a little about Carlyn. Now, I think that they only had two dogs when she wrote this song, but she and Tim were living in downtown Chicago, and having any dogs in the middle of the city is no small deal. Not to mention how getting from here to there in any big city can get you down, especially if you have to do it at a time when a whole bunch of other people have to do it to.

To hear Carlyn tell it, she was working in one of those skyscrapers that jag the Chicago city skyline when she wrote this song. Scot and I exhibited his artwork at fairs around “Chicagoland” for ten years. I can remember driving into town late on a Friday night, heading for the North shore; and looking-out as we passed the Sears Tower, so tall and so loaming. For me personally, the thought of being on one of those upper floors is flat-out dizzying. I can’t imagine working there. I think Carlyn and Tim might be up to eight dogs now, down there on the southern Indiana hillside they now call home.

This recording is actually from the same night as the killer “Turtle Blues” tract we heard a few days ago. That means: Scot on bass, Tim Hass on drums, Larry Vessily on anything with keys and Dave Witherd on sax. Scot had never played much with a horn player and he loved playing with Dave for obvious reasons. Also playing that night was Todas (last name to be inserted here) on guitar. Todas only played with the band for a short time. What Scot respected most about Todas is that is could step back and be a real rhythm player, grooving with the band; and then take one step forward and totally break it out.

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