Saturday, February 14, 2009

Perfect Day

The passing of the first anniversary of Scot’s death has left me weary. Since I’m still having trouble being able to load my podcast, I am going to make this a short entry with a nice image. I’ll get the music eventually.

The music for today is by Jamula, another laboratory project of Jerry Farnsworth’s. Jamula’s line-up consisted of Jerry--no coincidence--on guitar, Scot on bass, and the killer mouth organ is being played by Tom Smith. Tom has a tremendous feel for this instrument. I'm not sure these pieces had titles. Today's track was recorded live on 4-26-06. Jamula was a jam trio, but I believe Kenny Wright is sitting in on drums for this session. Another drummer, Paul Schneller, often sat in as well.

Jamula actually had a couple of gigs, (a memorable one being on the front porch of the Runcible Spoon here in Bloomington)--but mainly they were all about improvisational grooving. They came up with some great riffs. Scot and I used to laugh, imagining this music as the soundtrack of a spaghetti western.

The artwork for today is a piece called, “Perfect Day.” It was inspired by Scot’s childhood summers spent at the perfect, Lake Okoboji, in northwestern Iowa, at his grandparent’s cottage. Lake Okoboji is big medicine. It’s a blue water lake, so it’s beautifully clear and sort of glows from within. The piece started out as a painting, which was later photographed, and then re-worked in the newly created digital file.


tim mcfate said...

this is awsome that you are doing this and i know it is a lot of work. and i also know that even as it is inspireing to others it must be hard at times to think of all this and all the assosiated memories that it inspires as well. it doesnt seem like a year. a lot of things seem to come into clearer view as i get older maybe that is the way it is for everyone. losing piers, friends, comrades, partners is so much different than parents. or at least that is what i have discovered for myself. i miss that support that scot gave to myself and so many others. it truly was one of his gifts. i admire your strenght.and i toast your challenge. i am thinking about you.

Robin Halpin Young said...

One of my main joys right now is seeing Scot live on.

Deirdre said...

Dear Robin, this is so lovely and a true gift. Thanks for peeking out from the "widow's weeds" long enough to do this.