Monday, February 23, 2009


This is an arrangement of "Unchain My Heart" which Scot was working out here in this recording. The song was written by Bobby Sharp and made a hit by Ray Charles in 1962. Scot went on to show this arrangement to at least two female vocalists here in town, and as far as I know, they both still use it as part of their basic repertoires.

Scot was always working on something. Here, it was singing and playing the bass at the same time. You may have thought that for such a super-talented musician as Scot, that it all came relatively easy. Oh no. He worked at things.

Turns out, singing and playing the bass is kind of contrary—it definitely calls for a conscious separation of function. Scot was proud when he could start to bring his vocal talent to an outfit he was also playing bass for.

This track was recorded at Jerry Farnsworths’s. Most weeks, Jerry brought someone in, but occasionally, they had to play with their own badselves. So for the record, on this track, it’s Jerry on (kick-ass) guitar, Kenny (truly swinging) on drums and Scot (doing his funky-thing) on bass. As with all the Basement Collaboration tapes, Jerry is producing.

I decided to go black and white today. Scot had a fascination with Saul Steinberg and William Steig. He made his first application to The New Yorker when he was 17. Here’s to that.


scothalpin said...

O comments, really? rhy

Jeff Armstrong said...

Robin - I always said to anyone who'd listen that Scot was the hardest working person I know - he was always working - it wasn't till I got a little perspective that I understood the difference between "working for yourself" and "working for someone else"- but in the end he still is the king of hardworkers in my book.
Jeff Armstrong

Wendy said...

Hearing Scot's voice is surreal, amazing, wonderful...