Monday, February 9, 2009

The Transparent Dimension

The Transparent Dimension was a band full of promise. I know the story mostly through Scot, but I’ve heard him marvel at Paul Thomas--a guy with a basement, who knew how to build strange boxes. The recording you are about to hear is a testament to Paul Thomas’ genius. The sad fact is, Scot was that last surviving member of the Transparent Dimension.

Scot most recently heard this recording when he purchased a copy of the “Eastern Iowa History of Rock, Vol. I. “ He was more than surprised when he heard track 2, “I Need Somebody. “ He instantly recognized a recording he’d made in Paul Thomas’s basement. I’m guessing he was probably around 14 when the recording was done. I remember he told me he didn’t have a real drum set. He had a cymbal, but mostly he was playing a box! My best guess is, that the song was essentially written by Bruce Peters. I never got to meet Bruce, but it’s obvious talking to anyone who ever encountered him, in his short life, he was a bright and brilliant star. He was the first to go.

The Transparent Dimension might have been a happenin’ thing, except…that fate intervened. Bruce, and Scot’s beloved friend, Paul Thomas, got asked to join this really hip, regional phenonanon, The Daybreakers. The Daybreakers had a successful 45, “Psychedelic Siren,” and they were fronted by Max Al Collins--a guy who still commands the creative high grounds of the river town of Muscatine, Iowa.

This defection devastated Scot. He was disappointed he was not asked to join The Daybreakers, even though he was obviously a very promising drummer. On top of that, he’d lost his mates. But such is the way of life. Fortunately, for him throughout his life, Scot would bounce back and forth between music and the visual arts. Right around the time that the Transparent Dimension was no more, Scot got hooked up with a transforming high school art teacher, who took him under his wing, and who for the moment, soothed his wounds. rhy


Horace said...
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Horace said...

Such is band life. I think it was David Lee Roth who said that the two worst words in the world are "band meeting". After listening to "I Need Somebody", I can see why young Scot would be crestfallen after his band broke up.

dw said...


Thanks for the historic music from Eastern Iowa. And you made an excellent choice for the inaugural art piece -- Scot shines through it very clearly. We're interested to see what selections you choose to highlight in the coming days and months.


phrank said...

Robin, thanks so much for sharing this with all of us out here in cyber space. So young, fresh and alive. with Love, Frank

ROB said...

That was actually quite good! Very catchy:)

tim mcfate said...

bruce peters went to catholic school till 6th grade when he came to our school, grant elimentery. scot and i meet him there. he actually wore beatle boots! we were inamored by him. he was a ball of undirected energy. even in 6th grade he could play guitar and piano. he was a complete sit show. all the kids that came to us from catholic school that year, the year they closed the catholic journior high and high school, were much wilder than any of us. bruce may have been the reason scot started playing drums, to be around bruce and to have a band with him.
bruce was a classic sid barret case. he could not handle the trippy drugs of the day but loved to take them. he ended up in a mental hospital in florida wherer he died of i dont know what.
he also stole my girlfriend in 10th grade

Robin Halpin Young said...

Thanks for filling us in.