Sunday, February 15, 2009


Good news—problem fixed. Thanks to them that made it happen (as we would say here in Indiana).

The way I remember it, A Plank Road rehearsal usually open with either "Stealin’" or "Casey Moan". Scot would get the um-pa-pa bass going; John would strum in a few bars later. Scot would play the bells you will hear with his right foot, and the tambourine drum--hooked up to a foot pedal, with his left.

On this track, John and Scot were joined by John’s stepson, Evan Copelly, doing some righteous harmonies and other duties, I’m not sure all of which. Usually Plank Road had a pretty striped-down sound, but for this recording, Scot, John and Evan had some fun playing with the magic of multi-tracking!

Scot became passionate about jug-band music during the last two years of his life. The way he viewed it, it was the real link between country and rock and roll. The song we are hearing today, Stealin’, was written by the Memphis Jug Band in 1928.

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