Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blue House Indeed

We started yesterday with an old song; today we hear a new one. Towards the end of his life, Scot came to feel fortunate indeed to live here in Bloomington, Indiana, where we are thick with musicians. Scot regularly played with a whole host of A-list musicians.

Twice a week, he met with our neighbor, John Williams--sometime here in our basement, sometimes out in John’s barn. Their musical collaboration became known as Plank Road, a quasi-jug band duo. The association between John and Scot was a rich one. John was with me here when Scot passed.

Today’s recording, “Blue House”, was made in Jerry Farnsworth’s Bethel Lane studio. You’ll be hearing a lot more from Jerry Farnsworth later. I picked this track because the mix so beautifully captures Scot’s bass, which was very much a lead instrument in this ensemble.

Scot and John went on to write many songs together, but “Blue House” is John’s. John has one of those voices that are just startlingly authentic and his lyrics are pure poetry.

Today's artwork is another recent piece of art. Scot had an alphabet of symbols. Already we see a couple.


Cody said...

These images are incredible… kind of like a digital process of Warhol's screenprint paintings.

I haven't seen any of this style yet and they are blowing my mind!

april waxler said...

Robin, Thank you for sharing such wonderful work. It lifts us all up.

Carlyn said...

Robin, I love what you've done here. Can't wait to taste tomorrow's banquet! Much love, C

phrank said...

Another home run! Thanks for sharing these songs and images.

ROB said...

The image is great...should be an album cover or something! The song was a blast too. I couldn't resist picking up my guitar and jamming a solo throught the whole thing...hope you don't mind! LOL!