Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Those Old Memories

Happy Fat Tuesday, Everyone! I was looking for a wonderful song Scot did called, “I Love to Boogie,” all about New Orleans and Mardi Gras—but alas, I couldn’t find it. Sometime themes can be a bit obvious, but today, I decided to go with a drinking theme.

Scot wrote a number of songs about drinking—especially in the old days. My, my, my. Today’s track was recorded in the early Eighties. When he started looking into Rockabilly music, it was a natural jump into country. He experimented with a bunch of country riffs and themes. Sort of like Tim and Carlyn did with the song “You Ain’t Got Time to Drink and Drive” (Kid Inside a Candy Store), Scot pulled a bunch of stories straight out of the collective Country and Western unconscious.

On this track, “I Can’t Stop Drinkin,’” Scot is playing all the instruments. This was another band demo for Funhouse.
Scot put Funhouse together, shortly after we returned from Europe, via Rhode Island and Iowa, in say 1982? The Funhouse line-up was Judy Tampa on rythem guitar and harmonious harmony, Edward Bachmann on bass and Leland Monagle on drums. We are going to hear some killer live tracks from Funhouse soon.

The artwork for today is a tribute to the many, many cups of tea I drink each day. The drawing was done with pen and ink. The color is mostly acrylic wash, with a little digital tweecking. FYI: You can click on the image once the music is over and you'll get full version of the file, which is especially helpful with images like this one, where the line work is more delicate.

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