Sunday, February 22, 2009

Walls Come a Tumblin'

A year ago today we were gathered here in Bloomington to celebrate Scot’s life. It was a bitter cold Indiana day. The most treacherous icy mess imaginable. Friends and family were zooming in from everywhere. It was a shock to all be together—to look across the room and see faces that shouldn’t be there—solemn and red-eyed.

This song, “Jericho” is one of the songs we played at the memorial—the song where we showed pictures of Scot’s life. For Scot, the walls did come tumbling down. We all said the same thing, “He can’t have died”, but he did. For me, this song has come to represent his long and valiant struggle.

This is a track from a session Scot and John recorded here at Farm Fresh, a studio built into an old church on the outskirts of town. Scot said the place had amazing acoustics. I love the balance of Scot and John’s voices. They are both really singing from their heart’s, you can tell. I tried to find a take that did not have the little tag, but couldn’t find one, sorry. The tag contains studio chit-chat between Scot, John, and Jake, the engineer.

Thanks to everyone for all the amazing effort made to lend comfort and aid to James and I over the last year. A wall of love still stands.

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