Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kid Inside a Candy Store

OK, all you Cats and Kitties. I feel like Wolf Man Jack, broadcasting out to a world of known and unknown listeners. Tonight we are going to hear another story. “Maybe I Should Follow You Home, ” is a song co-written by Carlyn Lindsey, Tim Haas and Scot Halpin. It’s another example of a song with many verses--and parts, for that matter! The melody came to Tim and Carlyn, via Scot, in a very simple from. This is what they came back with.

I was always amazed about the way Tim and Carlyn and Scot worked. Scot would dish out some tasty little riff and Tim would fire up the inner lyricist. I suspect Tim has got some stories to tell too. He would suddenly have all these words. Carlyn would always put in her two cents. How much of this song is based on observation and how much on personal experience is irrelevant. It’s a story about carving some space out for yourself, and then being afraid to fill it.

Playing on this track are all the founding Snakedoctor members: Carlyn Lindsey singing slow, sweet, and easy, Tim Haas playing some tasteful drums (and leaving spaces in all the right places), Larry Vessily on the old rinky tink, Dave Witherd blowing yet another wind instrument, in this case--ready to knock’em dead harp, and Scot Halpin, conversing with Carlyn, on the bass.

Short entry tonight. The kid’s holding the movie for me in the other room. The artwork is just my lazy-man’s pick into the big basket. I thought it worked.

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