Friday, February 27, 2009

Sweet Nectar

Tonight I went looking for an example of Carlyn Lindsey & Snakedoctor, rocking out. Oh yes, they have that gear, but I got stuck once again in the sweet nectar of Carlyn’s slow, soulful, voice.

In Snakedoctor circles, today’s song “Stop Doggin’ Me Around” by Jackie Wilson was part of the dog trilogy--along with “Dog Don’t Bark at Me” (go to: Gold Mine blog entry) and a really tricked-out version of “Hound Dog.” Dogs offer such a good jumping off point.

This is yet another recording at the Encore CafĂ©. Snakedoctor had a regular monthly gig there for quite some time. It was good gig. We’d all go in before and have dinner, which was just part of the deal! Listening back now, I can’t say enough good about Larry Vessily, Dave Witherd and Tim Hass’ playing. You all are getting the idea that I thought Scot was good. There was obviously some real chemistry there.

Today’s artwork is from the same Claris Work series I showed yesterday. This one is also drawn with a mouse. It’s dedicated to purple people everywhere.


The Andrews Gallery said...

Robin, this is Drew Snyder, Kim's son. Your blog is phenomenal, really mesmerizing. "I Can't Stop Drinking" is a jewel. I am slowly making my way down the page. Please come to California and hang out with us, you (obviously) have a standing invite.


ps I really share your feelings about music and front porches.

Robin Halpin Young said...

Yes, I think we have lots to talk about. rhy