Thursday, January 7, 2010

Colors That Glow From Within

Greetings fellow T. Scot Halpin Memorial bloggers. I am glad to see that many of you are going back and catching up on the entries I am making up. I think I’ve almost got artwork and music on everything. Thank you all for being part of this effort the honor Scot, but also to get to know him better.

Today’s artwork is a solo demo version of a song called “Safe In This Night.” The first version I played (notation) was a heavily tricked out affair. Lots of lumber. Today’s funkified version has all the rhythm of an Al Green tune. Unfortunately Scot ended the track abruptly, so get ready to want to hear more. “Safe in the Night” is a part the “The Seeker” written in 1988.

Today’s artwork is a laser print of a hand colored dry-point engraving called “Adventure” I love the ground of vivid color going on here. Check out that fuchsia! The colors and these prints always seemed to glow from within. This piece was done in 1997. I love this little intrepid lady, out in the universe, adventuring so.

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