Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm Fixing a Whole

Today I present to you a complicated musical track. Looking for suave, I immediately gravitated to this beguiling melody and lilting vocal echo. Here’s the rub. The words.

At first I was getting into the current of the words, It’s OK. It’s all right. I’m down with unconditional love. I do want to feel it’s OK that I watch so many movies. That I claim to be so over worked, yet still manage to watch 2-3 movies a day. OK, so it’s not TV. But later, I don’t really want to hear those other words. And is it OK? Is it all right? We live in a world where people aren’t used to hearing otherwise.

OK, so much for the icky words. Moving on. Here is a metaphoric illustration of this principal. Here we are. We are looking down on this tendency and we don’t want to take too much responsibility for what that puppet just might do to the winged-creature once caught in that net?

Here’s my current saving grace—“the arch of the moral universe”. I think we all want to be better people and even though we have these deep dark tendencies—those tendencies tend to be largely unfulfilled. By and large, we are a decent bunch. The old “AMU” thing.

This is a pen and ink drawing, masterfully colored with shades of magenta, cian and yellow, with encroaching green coming from the vicinity of the pot. This drawing was done in 1997.

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