Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nothing But The Facts

Ok, my T. Scot Memorial Blog friends, I'm sure some of you are wondering what is going on. Why are blog entries being left undone, day after day? I know some of you may even be feeling concerned that something dodgy is a foot. I am writing today to assure and inform you. I return to my project first with today's entry, rather than starting from the bottom of the very deep hole I've created for myself. Basically two things are going on.

Lately, for a while, every time I start working on the blog, I get super sad. I am the first one in line to recommend that people take time to process their grief and that heartfelt crying is a great way to do that. But let me tell you folks, it becomes a very surreal way to start every day. I feel it right here, right now--just as I've described, as I sit here and write.

Beyond that, I have been off-the-chart busy with multiple complex and exciting projects in the works. Chief among them would have to be my work with a wonderful designer and my two agents, on a booklet that is known in the 'licensing industry' as a 'style guide'. We will be taking this 'style guide' to the New York International Gift Show, which starts on January 31, 2010.

The style guide is a brilliant sampling of Scot's actual work, but is also a launching pad which provides potential licensees with visual templates of the Scot's work in the world--stationary, a line of baby products, a whole prototype nursery suite, table ware (a cool platter) and home wares (like oven mitts and tea cups) all with Scot's artwork splashed across them. The guide also breaks down images into badges (words) and icons (no words) and offers loads of patterns created with the repetition of these icons and badges. I am feeling very happy and excited, ready to seriously be transmitting Scots work out into the world.

The new collection is entitled ....a child is born, and is to be created with the building blocks of work Scot began creating shortly after the birth our our son James, back in 1992.

I am going to look for artwork and music now, but for the moment, you have a little bit of the story to put in your perculator to brew into a rather enjoyable cup.

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