Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sing Out

Today’s music is another solo electronic piece of Scot’s called “Annunciation.” Playing music like this was kind of how Scot meditated. He could leave the chitchat of the monkey mind way behind when he jumped aboard a piece of music like this. He would start by stacking simple tracks in order to build up a repetitive flow. In the warp and the weft of this musical weave are wooly fibers of musical consciousness. This piece was recorded at the City College Electronic Music Studio in 1979.

Our artwork for today is another piece from the series of dry point engravings Scot did in the late 1990’s. Blow up this piece to appreciate the feathery quality of the line. A dry point comes from the family of printmaking called Intaglio. The graphic is created by wiping the plate with ink in order to fill in the line, which has been created by the removal of material. The etching process uses acid to remove material, dry point engraving is done just with a sharp needle. The plate and a sheet of paper are then squeezed through a printing press and the ink that has been rubbed into the lines, adheres to the paper. This print was then hand colored with acrylic wash applied both by brush and by airbrush. This piece is called “Home Run” and was done in 1997. This is how I feel these days getting ready to take the magic and love embued in Scot's work, out into the world next week in New York!

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