Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lead Practice

The track is a recording of Scot practicing his leads. This was recorded in 2007. Scot was not really playing the guitar, except acoustically at home. He was a solid side-man at this time, devoted to playing and and sort of inadvertently crafting a whole new way to play the bass—very lyrical, while still rhythmically solid. Today’s recording beautifully captures the seamless weave of Scot’s musical mind. He flows into style after style without playing any one particular song. He gets things moving with his single note leads and the lickity-splat of the simplist of drum machine beats.

Today’s artwork is another cloud story. It is the story of a household who share their space with music. Love pours out across the cloudy score of life. This piece was done in 2004. It is called, “The Music Within”.

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