Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Twenty Flight Pile-Up

Today’s musical track comes from the deep archives. It is a snippet of a longer piece we will be hearing this month that Scot did way back in 1977. This was recorded in the San Francisco City College Electronic Music Lab. Some other cool bands from the San Francisco New Wave/Art scene like “Tuxedo Moon” were also hanging around this studio.

Once again, I feel called to point out that making this music did not involve downloading some samples or touching a setting key. Back in 1977 it was all about patch chords and some really mysterious and definitely beefy machinery. As per Scot’s usual throughout his educational career, his teachers collected him and gave him the keys to their facility. Some of Scot and my first dates involved me sitting there watch him pull patch chords.

The larger musical piece I will be presenting is a piece Scot specifically created for the San Francisco Planetarium in Golden Gate Park. Slightly questionable academically, but no surprise, Scot managed to convince his Astronomy professor to give him credit for the class in lieu of the soundtrack for the Planetarium. So on the day we play the full piece, be ready to set back and imagine a universe unfolding in the music.

Today’s art work does not feel very celestial, even though there is both a Sun and a Moon on the plane. It feels sort of tropically Gaughuin. This is an example of a kind of artwork that Scot began experimenting with in 2000. We had just bought a new scanner and with that, Scot was able to go crazy, a la college’.

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