Sunday, January 3, 2010


What is going on here is I am in the process of adding to the blog in a way described in today's post title. Going back to Sunday, December 18, 2009, I am in the process of filling in all those stories and songs and images. If you blow up this piece, you will see that the title reads, "Music Unites the World." Scot believed this with all of his heart.

From the moment we knew Scot was in trouble, one saving grace remained in place. Until the end, Scot was able to play his music fully, even to the last moments of his life. Music was there healing him and using him fully as its muse. His channels were wide open.

Today's art work is a little hand colored lithograph. The hand-coloring was mostly done with an air brush. This is an example of the kind of print we sold when we first started doing art fairs in the late 1980's. In San Francisco, back then--probably still is, an neighborhood art fair every weekend, during the summer. I would mask off each one of these prints with painter's quick release tape and then Scot would fire up his compressor, juice up the pot of his airbrush, and away he'd go.

The red in the hearts was brush painted from his special pot of red. E/V is an archaic print makers' notation meaning "Edition Variation". Scot wanted it noted that he consider each piece to be unique. He never painted things the same way. He was always changing his palette. Experimenting with new combinations.

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