Monday, January 25, 2010


Scot loved ‘The Faces’. He had this tendency to dive into bands head first. I thought the ‘Moody Blues’ season would never end. Common grounds for us were many, but it’s safe to say when it came to loving the music of ‘The Faces’ we were in complete accord.

Today’s musical track is an oldy. Featured on this recording are famous friends Joe Belche, David Kinney, Mike Danese, and Mike (Papa Cats) Catalona. Everyone in the group except Cats on drums and Scot on bass, were guitar players. Scot is leading the prowl on his thumping Yamaha ‘Sponges’ bass. It was recorded at the Capp Street Project near 16 & Mission, in San Francisco. The year was 1983. The mere thought of this group of friends all together ringing out in harmony, is breathtaking and chokes me to the marrow. We were so blessed. We had SO many happy times together.

I talked about classic rock voices in a recent post. In my humble pie opinion, both David Kinney and Joe Belche has just such voices. Joe has got the wailin’ Neilish thing going and Dave is, shall we say akin to Van the Man. I am sorry for the quality of the tape. There is a rather rough spot there in the middle, but if you hang in there, it all definitely gets better.

By the end, a trusting group mind with a natural balance of personality are keenly slotted in. Here in the annals of this blog, I would like to mention and thank another great rock mucician and friend—Mike Danese. Mike has been playing hard all these years, but in the background and most recently, standing by the side of his new tabletop record player. This is the kind of playing that Scot did every day—and it makes for a KA musician.

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