Saturday, January 23, 2010


Here in South Central Indiana, run-a-ways are those things over at the airport. Sorry to make such a shameless stab at my adopted Hoosierism. Scot, James and I all found the local dialect to be charming, and in no time, us’uns (we) in the family could impersonate it with perfect impunity. It’s fun to speak in such a developed and juicy off-shoot of the English language.

Today’s song is the Del Shannon classic, “Runaway.” I went looking for music today. The way I see it, as far as the T. Scot Memorial Blog is concerned, January needs to be a kind of introduction month for those folks just starting out on this exploration as well as a wrap-up kind of a month for those who have followed this journey live. I’m looking for a little of everything.

Once again, for the record, I want to thank Jerry Farnsworth for conceiving and implementing ‘The Basement Collaboration’—a years long pursuit of unity and excellence and fun and most of all MUSIC! On today’s pick track we hear Nelson B on soprano sax and harp and Larry______ on vocals and electric guitar. I find Larry’s vocals to be strangely satisfying. Within the first couple of notes the awesomeness of his resonance is a give-me. He becomes one of those great distinctive rock voices.

Today’s artwork is another digital piece done in the spring of 2003. It is called “Free Style” and is another morph of pen & ink drawing (brown Sharpie in this case) and full on digital mania, from the airbrushed elements to the clouds on high. These girls may or may not be looking for a run-a-way.

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Farns Blog said...

Jerry Here.....That great voice is Larry Morley...we sure had fun that nite.....