Thursday, December 3, 2009

*Let It Shine* Let It Shine* Let It Shine*

Yet another follow-up. I am currently impressed with the fact that it seems most things are best expressed in stages. How can we express the loss of a loved one? How can we reside in a place of pain and loss indefinitely? The problem is, we can’t. It is human nature to let things shine. We most of us have the clue that we are here for a reason and that involves letting things shine, despite the despair life can throw up;

I think we humans are here for a reason, to light up the runway for all the other beautiful being who have heard about us and would like to come and jam. This is the job of this blog tonight. To offer things up: yes, there is intelligent, creative life here on this planet. *Let It Shine*Let It Shine*Let It Shine*

I chose this drawing because it looked a little bit like my friend Carlyn, and to me, the dedication to her mom continues. Let it shine. What I like is that this person appears to be solicited by both angels and fairies. She needs both, as do we all.

Pen & ink, yes. Transparent acrylic, yes. 2002.

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