Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Know I'm One

Ten, nine, eight, seven… Get ready to blast off. I know I have said this before, but it still cracks me up to think of 13 year old Scot Halpin singing this song, while playing the drums. Oh, God, give me a time machine.

According to Scot, this is the first song he sang with a group (at the aforementioned age of 13). To me, it’s comparable to little Stevey Winwood blasting out, “I’m a Man” at age 16. This is more “BC” (thank you Jerry). Here we have Scot singing lead and supplying bass. Jerry is there, as always, supplying the delight of the lead. This is the Mike Stiglitz that sounds like a Hammond that I mentioned in the last entry.

Today’s artwork is just another art-by-the-ream piece. It was actually hard to give Scot authentic feedback on his artwork, because he did so much. This “art-by-the-ream” period especially so. Yes, here, look at my latest 500 drawings done in the year 2006.

One thing I wanted to add here, flows from the whole memorial blog thing. We all have visited the ‘House of the Rising Sun.’ The way I see it, life is about visiting the “House of the Rising Sun” and living to tell about what happened later.

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