Sunday, December 6, 2009

Every Day in Every Way

Today we had a little ‘dub jam’ to spread on our muffins. Scot and I both loved dub music, which is basically Reggae music sonically and rhythmically morphed. We used to live right around the corner from KPOO Radio in San Francisco, which played a lot of Reggae.

They had a couple DJ’s who would come in a spin these live dub shows that were the closest things I come to psychedelic music. If you can, listen to this one through ear-phones.

Today’s track is a bit like those KPOO dub DJ’s I was just talking about because on this track, Scot is engineering his own dub, on the spot while he is playing all the instruments, phanaggeling the vocals.

And then we’ve got the messages in the music. Scot wrote this and the two previous songs in response the work of Shakti Gwain and Gerald Jampolsky. Scot really took the idea of focusing with intention seriously, and so in this case he did what he usually did, made what he needed, in this case some positive affirmational music.

Today’s artwork is an earlier piece. He did this in 1992, the year our son was born. This is really the birth of his use of transparent acrylic that we have seen so much of in the T. Scot Halpin Memorial blog. He hit it just a little bit with the yellow swath of airbrush.

I love how the hero’s head is tossed back. His chakras are definitely opening. He’s got the colors of the word at hand. Love is at the heart of his effort.

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Kim Snyder said...

Robbie - loved the phrase you used, "side reside inside each others minds." It's evident throughout the blog - tremendous love, respect and awe of his life's work, your intimate realtionship with Scot as an artist revealed. I read the blog in chunks and as you know I have always loved your writing.
Ever think about coming west for a visit?? love always/ka