Monday, December 7, 2009


Once the title for today’s blog entry popped into my mind, I immediately began seeing multiple meanings for the word.

Today, I was looking for an illustration that had to do with having reservations—like in today’s musical track, “Hound Dog” (a T. Scot Halpin Memorial Blog triple hitter) _entry___,_entry___ ).

Here’s one thing I’m having serious reservations about “getting cable.” So far this is something we’ve managed to avoid. Scot had serious issues with what he called “screens”. He was seriously concerned about TV, the Internet, all that. Finally by the end, we had the Internet and he went crazy, music monster that he was, with ‘YouTube’.

Today’s track is a ‘Blue Jazz” rehearsal. Irene is really in the process of inventing Blue Jazz on this one. This is the striped down “BC” trio. What is so cool is how fully each part gets to stretch out. Kenny is keeping a very simple steady beat so that Scot can fly. Jerry is up to his usual rhythm punches and looping leads. The was no break on the mp3 file here, so today, we actually get a second scoop of Blue Jazz, a little further down the line, “Black Magic Woman” by Peter Green.

Today’s artwork is another pull from the pile of 1990’s magazine illustrations Scot did. He contributed to “Guitar Player” “Bass Player” “Drums & Drumming” “Drum!” “EQ” “Keyboard Player”. He did it for a long time but eventually he ran out of ideas of illustrating boxes with buttons.

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