Thursday, December 31, 2009

Resolution Come To Me

Tonight I go dancing. “Carlyn Lindsey & Snake Doctor” are performing tonight—their first real gig since Carlyn’s mom died. Today’s musical track is a solo electronic piece of what song? Special points to those T. Scot Halpin Memorial Bloggers who knew that it was a stepped up, jazzed out version from the “Interactive Seeker”-- “Ode to Dr. Kevorkian”—recorded in 1990.

Today’s artwork is not a Sharpie line. This is the line a pen described earlier in the blog. Scot was a frugal man, and this drawing was made by a pen a frugal man might not usually buy. Scot looked down on glam art supplies. He distained the concept that art should only take place on a carefully prepared canvas.

This piece is actually a portrait of my family. Here we stand on the windswept chessboard of life—each of us with our own set moves. At least in this drawing, we are all experiencing the same off shore breeze. Please dear Blogger, do notice the magnificent sepia blush.

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