Thursday, December 24, 2009


“Memory 17” anyone?” Today’s music is a solo recording Scot created in 1989, performing another version of his amazing 3-D multi-sensory plea—-yes, I think it's appropriate at this time of year--once again—-Memory 17--direct from “The Interactive Seeker Series” composed in 1988 while rambling the wildest of west coast headlands.

Today’s artwork is a gem. I have mined a deep cave to bring you this very richest of reds. Ruby red. Blood red. With only the slightest touches of orange. A glaze of blue. A frosting of illustrator’s white.

This piece began on an even deeper level as of watery wash—-more like a dye, a bandage. Scot tore up this cotton rag paper into little sheets and sloffed down color and glaze and spatters—-unconfined to a graphic field. Upon this universe, he then laid down this sweet little drawing. A drawing direct from the consciousness of “The Little Prince”-- a guy who floats around the cosmos, so ready to encounter things.

Sadly, I must point out that this ‘Little Prince’ is accommodating an encroaching growth in the left temporal region. Something also seems to be going wrong with his pencil? Luckily we see that his toes are firmly planted on the ground. There is an interesting structure off in the distance—-kind of home, kind of sculpture, kind of tomb.

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