Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jammin' With His Own Bad Self

Today’s track comes off a cassette tape that is decorated with Scot’s special visual notation system—in this case, a blue dot, red ring with a blue core. He could read these symbols like the rings of a tree. I do not know what they meant to him. To me, they identify the tape as being part of Scot’s gargantuine ‘Songwriter’s Notebook’.

On this track, Scot is authentically ‘jammin’ with his own bad self.’ That’s him on all the tracks. I am amazed by the phenomenal wave he gets going rhythmically with this track. His vocals are so instrumental. Scot enjoyed taking on a non-discursive flow to his vocals.

He loved pretending to be an instrument. A really cool bond is sealed between the guitar and the vocals about midway in the track and the guitar work is so very fluid. This track was recorded in our living room on Page Street in San Francisco, where we lived for the last twelve years we were in San Francisco. We relocated to Bloomington, Indiana in 1995.

Today’s artwork is another really loose pen & ink drawing with all kinds of action going on. To begin with we’ve got all the shapes and sizes of the various figures involved. As a yoga student, I see these as many versions of ‘mountain pose’. I love all the spatter and scribbling. These are all signature Scot touches. This drawing was done in the year 2000.

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