Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lost in Wild Confusion

Today’s music is another shot of “Plank Road” at its finest. “Lost in Wild Confusion” gives is the natty lyrics and vocal stylings of John Williams backed up with the march, march, march of the regiment that is Scot’s bass pattern. This track was recorded live in John’s barn in 2006.

Artwork for today takes a leap. The disk this piece was on sort of plopped in my lap and so I took it as a sign that is was time to move back to some of the artwork that Scot was doing during the last years of is life.

Today’s piece is a ball point pen drawing on typing paper that Scot then scanned and began to layer digital effect to both the line work and the backgrounds, foregrounds, and figures. This work, thematically, is darker.

Scot was very much processing his health crisis and immanent death through this work. This piece was done in 2007.

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