Friday, December 11, 2009

Headline: Gravity Actually Sucks

Today’s track is the only version we have on tape of Scot and John as “Plank Road” doing their song, “Gravity.” They eventually came up with a real slow version, like the one that appears on John’s self-same titled “Gravity” (available online at CD Baby__________) is more suiting to the context of the song, but on this track we get to hear Scot’s harmony part on top, which I think so delightfully fills out the song. To me this is like a treasure found. This material was recorded in 2006.

Today’s artwork is a race against the physics of the media involved, in this case a very viscous India ink squirted out to create the graphic. Let it dry. Oh bother. Squirt some on a piece of paper, grab a water-saturated brush.

He’d load the brush, start at the bottom—that’s why it’s the darkest there. Scot was a master of cutting out a little white. On this piece it is a very sweet and significant couple--the angel and the left cheek of the guy, a little background to create a horizon. The longest thing about this piece was the time it took to let the graphic dry. This piece was done in 2004.

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