Monday, July 6, 2009

Two Lives In One

Ah, Monday. Hold your hands together on your heart and get ready to bop. Anyone here know how to Lindy? I grabbed a song I’ve been saving for just the kind of Monday this Monday has been. I‘ve had such a busy day, massaging my to-do list, now with the extra hard knot, it’s forming under its shoulder. It’s been a good, busy, productive day. Today’s soundtrack is a tune written by Fats Domino and ___(have, will provide soon)___, called “Blue Monday.” It’s being admirably worked out here in a ‘Snake Doctor’ rehearsal. I get a kick at how Carlyn swings it right into gear. Now there’s a girl with transmission fluid.

Today’s artwork is another piece I found behind the painting I moved because I spilled a glass of water. This is beginning to sound like one of the open verse songs that can truly go on forever. I had this piece right by my bed for a long time. I treasure the even-ness of it—-its reach. I love the delicate, patient inked line; colored with the sparest of magenta washes. To me, these folks are the archetype of ‘The Fertile King and Queen.”

SUNDAY, JULY 5, 2009


Living the creative life, out on the bluffs where the muses are known to whisper, there are perils. Today, I choose a song which tributes our lost formative music makers. My minister (UU) talked today about the drumming and how it brings forth the rhythm of life—sacred, like the human voice. Blessings be to Michael Jackson, who now joins the crew on the Lost Hi-way, along with our own dear Scotty.

The truth is, I could hardly wait to get back to the magical harmonies of Judy Tampa and Ramona Torch, singing here again with Edward Bachmann, on a personal project of his,
“E. B. White.” The year was 1989, the song, “Down the Lost Hi-way,” was written, I believe, by Edward. Scot is playing the drums on this track. Dig that back beat!

The artwork for today is a piece I’ve had sitting by my desk for the last few days. I’ve even tried it for and entry or two, and changed it. It’s on for today. It’s seems to capture that sweet soft spot, that being in the embrace of a loved one triggers. Being in the lea of your loved ones. It’s also about caring for a beautiful, tender thing, with admiring sensibility. This is once again, an original pen and ink drawing. The paint is a transparent acrylic. I occasionally realize that perhaps this piece might actually be unfinished, what with that white dress and all?

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