Monday, July 13, 2009

Love Casts Out Fear

This according to Jesus. I believe. I have been trying to operate from that love zone more myself. Today’s musical track is a solo demo of another original meditational/affirmational piece by Scot, called “Raise Your Love Level.” As I think I mentioned earlier, Scot did record this song and a few other affirmational anthems in a highly produced way. This track is repetitive, musically and lyrically, but I find its message all the more compelling in the spareness of its message.

On this track, we’ve got nothing but Scot’ sweet voice, cast in quite an intimate setting. We hear him clear his throat, as his voice tires a little, about half way through. We hear the squeak of the chair at the end of the track as he reaches over to shut-off the machine. These sounds are so very familiar to me. Hearing them makes me feel like he’s could be alive and here in the room with me. For some, the track may seem another one that is over-long, but I think if you allow yourself the five plus minutes it takes—you might find yourself being momentarily transformed. On a track like this, I often find a part and sing along. The repetition, like a mantra, quite carries me.

Today’s artwork was drawn with a Japanese calligraphy brush. Scot loved the push pull of this kind of line—fat here, skinny there, down to a point there. Most of the color was brush applied, but I also see some airbrush highlights here and there. I think it’s interesting the Jesus did not say, “Love casts out hate.” Or “Love castes out anger.” I think Jesus was right by naming fear as the antithesis to love. I love this little lady and how she seems to float above her work, carving away all that is not love.

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A fan said...

Not sure Scot would have found a Jesus comment appropriate, but no question he loved others and what's more important?