Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day

Circling around one again to the Fourth of July. Round here, that means we’re having a party, the excuse this time being that we can watch the big firework display from our neighbors from lawn. I picked today’s track because I liked the spacey, ethereal quality of the piece, and because the little popping segues do seem to suggest fireworks being set off. The funny march in the middle conjures the upcoming parade. The abrupt end might even be a prediction of an abrupt, wet end to the show. Cross your fingers.

Today’s musical track is another in the Loop de Loop Series. This one is #8. Scot recorded these tracks at home, using a series of keyboards he could link up. Being able to solo electronic music was always a healing balm for Scot. He could enter the music in his own time, in his own way, and be able to create a rich, almost celestrally orchestrated sound. While creating these tracks, I very much believe he was communing with his own version of the divine.

Today’s artwork is another pen and ink drawing, colored with acrylic wash. There is a whole series of these pieces with the lovely purple skies. I choose this one because of the sweet feel of independence it brings to me. Riding a bike is another way to experiment with alignment. This piece was done in 1991.

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