Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fulcrum of Life

Greetings Friends. Glad to have you on board. Tonight’s music is a long trek. It’s just over seven minutes of a Scotty Jump Jam. He starts out ultra striped down He would set up his drum track, some kinda bass line, and then sets out to improvise—to grow a thing. I think this one is worth the 7:03 worth of working it through. I tribute a lot of the playing on this track to Scot’s love of Terry Adams’ (of NRBQ fame) keyboard style, which this piece is definitely a nod to.

Today’s artwork is a delicate pen and ink drawing. It’s sort of a little collagey in its layout. Things are tucked in here and there. I was looking for a piece to illustrate a concept that I was dished out today. A friend, who knows a lot about classic Osteopathy, mentioned this concept of a finding a balance point that allows of aligned integration. This drawing had a little bit of a feel of a totem pole to me—another kind of fulcrum point altogether.

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